Special Features

Solo Arena

2015-05-24 21:14:31


1.Players can enter the event interface by clicking the Event button on the game page.

2.Each player is given 15 challenge attempts daily in the Solo Arena.

3.Choose a target and click “Challenge” to enter the battle interface.

4.Players need to operate their own characters to combat in the battle interface.

5.Win or lose, the challenge attempt will be consumed.

6.Win to receive Fame and lose to receive a few Fame.



1.Hero Rank. From here, players can check all players’ ranks in the arena. Click a player to view his details.

2.View Battle Report. Players can check their past battles via this function.

3.Honor Shop. Players can redeem items with Honor here.

4.Reward List. Players can view all arena ranking rewards from here.



1.Players can increase the daily Solo Arena challenge attempts by spending Diamonds. The challenge attempts vary with VIP level.

2.There is no challenge CD if VIP5 or above players lose a challenge.

3.The Solo Arena rewards are sent at 20:00 daily via mail.