Player's Handbook


2015-05-24 22:18:19

Players may encounter some problems in the game, such as connection failure and lag. I have included some of the most common issues that players may encounter in the game and the corresponding solutions in this article.  


1. How does the FLASH web game work?

2. Is my user data stored in my computer?


1.Game Operation

If I do not need to download anything to play web games, then where do we keep the game files?

Actually, the game files are kept as temporary files on your computer. Browsers like Internet Explorer will store the webpage caches on your disk to speed up web browsing in the future. After a period of time, there will be many temporary files that may take up a lot of disk memory. As Windows will not allow you to delete the content of any running program, you can feel free to delete these files to free up your disk space. You can delete the temporary files and optimize your computer’s performance via Windows Live Safety Scanner regularly.


2.User Data

Cookies can speed up web browsing when we revisit the same webpage, and record the user ID and other information. The webpages that we visit before will all be recorded in the Internet temporary files. If we don’t delete these files in time, they will occupy more disk space and slow our browsing speed.


3. Why do we need to delete caches?

1. This can fix display errors, including character or item disappearance, and data error.

2. This can fix the lag issue in the game and boost your browsing speed.

3. This can fix login attempt failures.

4. This can raise your account security level.