Ice and Snow Festival

2015-12-30 04:20:41

The year 2016 is coming! You must feel the new year atmosphere! We've prepared lots of good Ice and Snow gifts such as Ice and Snow Costumes and Wings, and Divine Wings for all the players.



1: The Devil Wheel event is going to be closed! Don't miss the last chance to receive Devil Costumes and Wings.

2: Ice and Snow Festival Event (2015/12/31-2016/1/7)


1) Event one: Exchange Event

Rule: During event, collect related items to get great rewards (Snow Costume, Snow wing).


2) Event Two: Top-up Event

Rule: During events, recharge any amount of diamonds to get great rewards.


3) Event Three: Sign-in event

Rule: Click the Christmas tree in the village to get a free gift, only claimed once daily.


4) Event Four: Happy Wheel event

Draw the Happy Wheel with 50 diamonds for a chance to receive the mount Royal war horse


How to claim Snow Coins:

1: Select a Wonderful Event to redeem.

2:Open the Honor Shop to redeem. How to receive Honor: Hero's Arena, Team Arena and Team dungeons.

3:Don't forget to receive your gifts on the Christmas Tree daily.

4:Directly buy it In the Abyss Shop and Guild shop