System Intro

2015-08-13 01:41:48

Wing system

1.Wings are one of characters’ equipment.

2.Wings can bring changes to characters’ appearances and change their forms by upgrade.

3.Wings have powerful attributes that can boost characters’ combat power.


Mount system

The mount system is very important in Abyss. A strong mount can boost the player’s combat ability. Players can not only adjust their own appearances but also can select different mounts. The mount feature unlocks after the Lv.27 quest is completed.


Honor system

Honor is an important resource in the game. It’s for PVP battle.

Honor can be used to buy rare items in the Honor Shop


Equip system

Players need good equipment to win in battle.

In Abyss, combat offers the most opportunities to obtain equipment. Defeat monsters to receive relevant equipment. Equipment of each level has different qualities. From low to high, there are Normal (White), Good (Green), Magic (Blue), Rare (Purple) and Epic (Orange). Players of the same level may encounter monsters of different difficulty levels. Defeat elite monsters for a greater chance to obtain high quality equipment.

In Abyss, two pieces of equipment may have the same level and quality, but their stats will not be the same. So, players can hardly find two similar pieces of equipment. The equipment that you obtain in battle may be unique in your server.