Abyss Dark Arisen Gameplay Features

2015-08-13 02:13:26

May 22, 2015 -  NGames would like to share Gameplay features for the Epic RPG Abyss Dark Arisen.  Below players can take a closer look at the Combat System, Equipment System, Rich PVE Gameplay, and Rich PVP Modes for Abyss Dark Arisen.  Players can receive more information from the official website at  


Combat System

Manual operations are required to perform combat in the game.

A huge physical engine that can present players with furious strike effects.

A lot of non-targeted skills that can be released by judging in advance.

Combat varies in movement, twinkling effect, leaps and speed.

Skill effects such as stun, heal, decelerate and repel

Enchantment skills, gorgeous transformations and power to turn the tide of a battle.


The combat mode in Abyss will not be an auto-attack mode. Players can walk freely and choose skill release time. What’s more, monsters in Abyss also have abundant skills. Players should be familiar with skills of each boss before making relevant responses.

A strong sense of blow and visual impacts can also be experienced in Abyss.

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Equipment System

Equipment shapes change with different levels.

Emphasis on role-playing elements when hunting monster drops.

Kill bosses to get high-quality equipment and more attributes.

Rich equipment attributes boost combat power.

Random attributes make each equipment unique.


The equipment system is a great feature in Abyss. Unlike the traditional way to obtain equipment and upgrade modes, players in Abyss receive equipment through monster drops. In order to avoid a boring monster killing process, surprises will come out anytime.

Each player can be equipped with a weapon and 7 pieces of equipment which have level limitations. Equipment has 6 qualities from low to high: Normal, Good, Magic, Rare, Exotic and Mythic. The higher the quality, the better the attributes.

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Rich PVE Gameplay

Rookies can play the normal solo dungeon mode by challenging low-level monsters to know game operations quickly.

Monsters in elite dungeon modes have stronger attack abilities and more HP. Players need to collect a certain of equipment to clear elite dungeons.

The multiplayer dungeon mode requires cooperation among players.

The world boss mode requires players to output the most damage in a short time.

Rich skills form different PVE stage results.

Players should allocate attacking and defensive time to kill various monsters.


In the PVE mode, what matters is not weapons and armor, but how to distribute skill release orders and avoid monsters’ attacks timely. Players need to judge in advance before releasing most skills. How to hit monsters to deal more damage is important in battle.

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Rich PVP Modes

Solo Arena Mode

3V3 PVP Mode; group competitions.

10V10 PVP Mode which requires players to use strategies and skills.

Massive non-targeted skills; judgments before killing are needed.


Relative to PVE mode, PVP mode focuses on operations. Battles will become more furious.

In Abyss, players need not only high combat power but also good strategies to win. Especially, in the big battlefield, strategies are significantly more important.

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