Abyss Dark Arisen Gameplay Features Part II

2015-08-13 02:19:19

May 29, 2015 - NGames is excited to share the second part of the gameplay features for their Epic RPG Abyss Dark Arisen.  The second part consists of the Alchemy Hut, Solo Area, Guard Relics, and Dreamscape. Players can find out more by visiting the official website at


Alchemy Hut

1. Players can harvest resources from their and friends’ Alchemy Huts.

2. There are 3 resources in the Alchemy Hut: Gold, EXP and Crystal.

3. Helping friends produce resources can increase friends’ hut output and also net the helper some rewards.

4. The refreshing time of resources in the hut are 24 hours.

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Solo Arena

1. Players can enter the event interface by clicking the Event button on the game page.

2. Each player is given 15 challenge attempts daily in the Solo Arena.

3. Choose a target and click “Challenge” to enter the battle interface.

4. Players need to operate their own characters to combat in the battle interface.

5. Win or lose, the challenge attempt will be consumed.

6. Win to receive Fame and lose to receive a few Fame.

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[Guard Relics]

1.There are 7 relics, each with 5 stages. Proper manual operation and enough combat power are required to challenge the new stages.

2.After entering the battle scene, lots of monsters will rush toward you, attempting to conquer relics. To protect relics, it depends not only on the player’s strength, but also defensive buildings’ power. Players will need to collect light energy to upgrade defensive buildings.  Using limited light energy to upgrade defensive buildings properly can help you clear Guard Relics more efficiently.

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1.Enter by selecting Dreamscape in the dungeon hall.

2.Dreamscape has 7 chapters with each chapter having 3 bosses.

3.This event unlocks at Lv.45.

4.Kill the last boss of each chapter to evolve different artifacts.

5.Click Start to enter combat interface.

Choose Continue or Quit after clearing a stage.

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Players can receive more information on Abyss-Dark Arisen on the official website at Players can also follow us on Twitter or 'Like' us on Facebook.



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